Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Polish Webpage changed

Dear Dr Campbell,

Thank you for posting my address and telephone on your page within the Polish Diving Doctors section, two years back. I would like to actualize the information since I have changed jobs and moved into private practice only. I also have started a medical-diving web page in Polish language.

www.lekarznurkowy.pl is a Polish language medical page for divers I have created recently. "Lekarz nurkowy" means in Polish "diving doctor". It is nowhere near your page but one has to start somewhere :-). There is of course a link there to www.scuba-doc.com

My new coordinates:

Marcin Ajewski MD PhD
MedAire Medical Practice
phone +48 668 107 107
fax +48 22 615 68 78

Best regards,
Marcin Ajewski