Friday, August 19, 2005

Glossary web page updated to include 'skip breathing'

In response to a question about 'skip breathing', we have updated our web page "Glossary" to include the following:

skip breathing - this simply means holding the breath after breathing in and/or holding the breath for a variable period of time after breathing out. This is done subconsciously or on purpose in order to "conserve air" - either to stop using too much air or to try to prolong a dive. It is dangerous for several reasons. It causes a subtle buildup of CO2 with all of the attendant risks [see our web pages about this at ]. In addition, it imposes the risk of pulmonary barotrauma from ascending with the glottis closed, even a few feet. There are several web sites that discuss breathing control in terms of learning buoyancy control - but managing breathing for this is entirely different and does not entail 'holding the breath' but increasing and decreasing volumes. See .