Wednesday, October 26, 2005

New information added to our Michigan Hyperbaric Resources web page

The following new information has been added to our web page about hyperbaric facilities in Michigan:

Macomb/Clinton Wound and Hyperbaric Medicine,LLC
43475 Dalcoma. Ste. 150
Clinton Township, Michigan 48038
Phone: 586-228-7308
Fax: 586-228-7315
3 Monoplace Sechrist 32" chambers
Medical Director: Dr.Richard Utarnachitt
We are open Monday through Friday 9a.m. to 5p.m. with extended
hours for weekends by appointment. Please call for added information.

Dee Pastorelli
Office Manager

Cleveland Clinic Huron Hospital Hyperbaric Facility added

The web page for hyperbaric facilities in Ohio has been upgraded and now contains the following information about Cleveland:

Cleveland Clinic Huron Hospital
13951 Terrace Road
East Cleveland, Ohio 44112

A multiplace chamber at Cleveland Clinic
Huron Hospital in Cleveland that opened Novemeber 19, 2004. We can hold
up 8-10 patients at a time.

Vincent F. Ferrini III MD FACEP
Mobile Hyperbaric Centers
Chief Medical Officer

Illinois Hyperbaric Facilities

The web page for Illinois Hyperbaric Facilities has been upgraded and now includes the following center in Urbana:

Carle Hospital Hyperbaric Center

Mario Caruso, CHT, DMT – Safety Director

611 West Park Street

Urbana, Illinois 61801