Sunday, February 26, 2006

Puerto Rico web page updated

The web page entry for Puerto Rico has been changed to include the following:

"Chamber information in your website. Thanks for your initiative and let others that our Service is there to help those in need, in the Eastern Caribbean Region,not only in regular working hours but in an on call basis 24/7.

Our Chamber is a triple-lock 18 seated multiplace chamber located in Puerto Rico Medical Center, San Juan. The Staff consists of 5 physicans including myself, 5 hyperbaric nurses and 3 HBO techs.

Although the main purpose of the service is the clinical, those conditions associated to multisystemic and musculoskeletal trauma are more our bread and butter, last year we treated 75 DCS related cases in our chamber, a busy place year round. "

Once again thank you for posting us...

Juan Angel Nazario, M.D., FAAEM
Medical Director
Hyperbaric Medicine Service
Puerto Rico Medical Services Administration
Puerto Rico Medical Center
San Juan, PR 00922
Tel. 787.777.3535 ext. 6475, 6481
On Duty Cel. 787.390.3243